Monday - Friday 12 to 8pm

                        Saturday 12 to 5pm

                        Closed Sunday


Just got the new

2016 PSE Carbon Air!

Come shoot this amazing new bow.

New 2016 Hoyt Defiant and PowerMax Bows have arrived!

Come see what all the buzz is about!


New Mathews HTX and Halon in stock!

 Bow Repair, Strings, Cables, Draw Length Changes and Tune Ups

We are a full service bow shop with a staff of qualified bow technicians.  Some services require our senior tech.  Some repairs must be left here for work to be done.  Repair times vary depending on the work to be done, whether parts need to be ordered, etc.  Special bow strings and cables may be specially ordered from our pro string maker.  Special order pricing may apply.

-Please Note-

For Safety reasons, we do require any new shooter under the age of 18 and suggest any new shooter take our Introduction to Archery Class prior to using our range. We provide certified instructors and reserve the right to re-assess a shooter who has taken a class elsewhere. This class also allows us to properly fit new shooters for compound bows*

A parent or responsible adult MUST be present while anyone under the age of 18 is shooting on our range.  For class options, See Classes.